Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. 16 weeks and counting

    I submitted my application for SGC and FAC to police Scotland 16 weeks ago. I have done my medical report and had my interview all checked out. The FEO advised me that he finished the enquiry on the 30th of November so... I called the Edinburgh firearms team today where my application is being...
  2. Application timeline - Police Scotland

    Just in case this might prove helpful to those applying for their FAL, here's the timescale for my application. I live in Speyside, and initial application posted to Inverness I already held a SGC and asked for a renewal to be made co-terminous I applied for: .22 .243 .357 lever action .303 .44...
  3. Help wanted - FAC application

    Hello, Just applying for my FAC, and i am a bit stumped on who i can use for a reference. I have never had a solid doctor or dentist, they have always varied so i dont think they will do it because it they have not known me for 2 years. I am planning to use an old school teacher but they are on...
Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing