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  1. Sold: Armasight Drone pro 15x OLED NV

    Armasight Drone pro 15x AMOLED NV For sale Armasight Drone pro 15x with the better AMOLED screen bought this January from sure24 so still in warranty , one of the best bits of NV kit out there. Comes as shown with IR box batteries and charger etc , very good condition and perfect working order...
  2. Jason - new to the forum

    I'm new to the forum and I live in the UK. I'm joining to share my knowledge on night vision and thermal equipment, as I work for FLIR and can offer some useful advise for those who would like it. Also good to see what is going on out there in the hunting communities.
  3. Night Vision Sneak Peak of Range at Scott Country

    Hello all. Quick pic of some of our range that will be on exhibition at our Night Vision Expo this weekend. Lots of current favourites as well as a sneek peak at some of the new products we will be launching at the event. Some new digital kit, image intensifier weapon sights, monoculars and a...
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