1. J

    For Sale: AYA Yeoman 12g SxS 28"

    AYA Yeoman 12g 28" Mint Bores Overall in very good condition, bluing slightly thin on rib. Small part of stock missing, should be a fairly easy repair, doesn't impact function in any way, so is very usable as is. Beautiful wood. The bright light has been quite harsh. Happy to RFD £90 - an Easter...
  2. Dave88

    Sold: AYA #4 boxlock ejector

    Hi, selling to fund another rifle. This was my dads shotgun but he gave his certificates up a while ago and I've just never really used it. I'm pretty sure it is a #4 but happy to be corrected. 12 gauge Ejector 25inch barrels, Looking about at what others are going for I'm looking for £250...