1. Sold: Leica scope

    I have a Leica Scope it's an ER model LRS 6.5 - 26 x 56.Ballistic reticle and turret. Good condition, only bought in May, comes with original box and had light use on 243. Looking for swap for some thing more than x 12 magnification and Illuminated reticle. Something like a Zeiss or Swarovski...
  2. Soft Point or Ballistic Tip

    I hear a lot of people are using BT for deer, but I don't really understand the logic unless they're using them on close range deer for neck or head shots...? BT's don't penetrate anywhere near as far as soft points but obviously transfer more energy as they shatter; soft points deform and can...
  3. Rain Stops Play - or does it?

    Hi folks, Facing the first rain here for nearly six weeks, it seems the appropriate time to ask for your help. I have trawled the Internet but have not found any conclusive answers. Some of us are "fair weather" Stalkers whilst others are out on the hill in all weathers. My question is how...
  4. This weeks Fieldsports Britian episode - Ballistic tips and head shooting

    After all the debate on here about ballistic tips and head shooting maybe this is worth watching.