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  1. Wanted: Stalking wanted an hour of Ascot

    Hi all, Does any one know any stalking ground/contacts around an hour of Ascot area? Looking for stalking August 7th or 8th AM if possible. More to fill the freezer for the family then a trophy on the wall. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wanted: Permission to shoot and Pest control - referral rewards for success!

    Trying to get back into shooting. Currently own a few air rifles (.22 and .177). Live in the Berkshire area and seeking opportunities to shoot small game and pests (pigeons, rats, rabbits, squirrels etc) with a friend a few times a year or as required. I am willing to pay a small fee for using...
  3. Wanted: Stalking Opportunities in Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Buckinghamshire

    Recently moved from Devon to Oxfordshire (I'm just North of Reading and West of Henley) and keen to find deer stalking opportunities. I have DSC1, am an NRA club instructor and an ex-regular infantry officer (so qualified to plan and conduct field firing!). My .275 Rigby and .243 win are...
  4. Bonjour everybody!

    I am french and have been living in the UK since 1992. I am passionate about shooting, wines and cooking, and also love motosport, flying planes and building things. I have passed the DMQ level 1. I am looking for stalking opportunities around Windsor (within 45mns) to put delicious food on...
  5. Wanted: Deer Stalking (morning and evening) in Berkshire

    Hey all New member here lol. I am looking for a deer stalking opportunity for my dad. Has own rifle, ammunition, BASC Registered and has passed the DSC 1 course. Would ideally like this to be in the Berkshire area, for both the morning and evening. Please advise of any area's that can do...
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