black powder

  1. dmouland

    For Sale: J.G. BRUNN 10B side by side Damascus Nitro-reproofed £800

    Re-advertised 2 5/8'' inch chamber, black powder and nitro-reproofed. Section 2 only! Not classed as sect 58 (antique) due to the nitro-reproofing that occured in its lifetime, confirmed by Birmingham proof house. Rotary under lever. cylinder and improved cylinder Beautiful wood stock and...
  2. Titch

    Suffolk black powder shooter

    Hi. Titch here. Interested in black powder rifles, single shot rifles, and preferably old rifles. I'm a target shooter and often found on the Thetford military ranges making a lot of smoke and noise. I shoot everything from rimfires to 7mm Rem Mag to black powder cartridges. Here's a...