Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Sold: 3 Knives for sale

    1. Damascus blade and bolster at hinge, brass liner and pins, green camel bone handle 5 Inches closed, 4 Inch blade £35 Columbia River Knife and tool Co. Lock Knife M16-12Z Glass fibre reinforced nylon handle 4 Inches closed, 3 Inch blade. Used with wear to the finish on the belt clip...
  2. New Front Mounted Night Vision Add-On

    Hello all, Just a heads up on a new front mounted Night Vision add-on which has just landed on our shelves. Ideal for those of you with quality glass, who often wish to convert to NV at night, with no need to rezero, and works on non parallax adjustable or parallax adjustable scopes. An...
Leica Amplus 6