blaser r93

  1. For Sale: R93 6.5x55 SE Barrel

    A used 6.5x55 SE R93 barrel, screwcut 15x1 with spigot. Standard profile. With Mag insert. £450 + RFD Or F2F I bought this zeroed it, shot a Roe no problem but it just sits in the gun cabinet as I prefer my 308w Scope not included
  2. Blaser r93 quick release scope mount screws

    Hi, I've gone and lost one grub screw for the rings holding the scope into the quick release block on my Blaser r93, and the setup is not holding zero (as one might expect!). Anyone know how I can get hold of the correct grub screw, or what the spec is for them so I can find something suitable...
  3. Sold: R93, R8 blaser mount

    30 mm , mount for blaser, 250 pounds , posted