boar scope

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  1. Sold: Swarovski Z4i 1.25-4x24 - £600.00 (1/2)

    Boar season is on us. Having a clear out of scopes. This is number one a good condition Swarovski Z4i 1.25-4x24 L4-i ret, comes with box but no bikini covers. Images attached. Any questions drop me a PM £600.00 Happy to courier the scope to home address. Dan#2
  2. Scope for boar hunting

    I'm looking for a scope for boar hunting, hopefully I will be able to find a 1.1-4x24 S&B which is my preference, if not will probably be Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24. Is it better to go for the extended eye relief if I opt for the Swarovski? It will be mounted on a .308.
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