bolt shroud

  1. Sako A7 - Bolt Shroud

    Afternoon gents, Looking to pick some brains. I have a Sako A7 which I love. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the plastic bolt shroud, it looks cheap. I noticed another A7 had a metal bolt shroud on it. I believe this was off of a Sako 85. Am I correct in this assumption and if so is it...
  2. Review of new Tikka M595 Replacement Steel Bolt Shroud

    Well I finally got round to ordering a replacement steel bolt shroud for my Tikka M595 .223 rifle. And am I pleased I did!! A few people asked me for a bit of feedback on my purchase as they were thinking of buying one from a new seller here on SD, so here is my review of my purchase… I have...