1. Sold: Tikka T3 Accessory Job lot

    Tikka T3 bottom plastic, T3 bolt shroud and now only one set of original T3 action screws (different to photograph), two steel T3x recoil lugs. All original parts and usable on T3 or T3X models, regardless of cartridge.(bottom plastic is only applicable to stocks and not chassis's) £40 posted...
  2. Bolt Corrosion/ Pitting??

    Hi All, Pretty new to here, so apologies if this has been covered before, but my old stalking rifle is starting to pick up some black pitting on the bolt (see pictures). Is this normal? Is there anyway to clean it up? Any help gratefully appreciated! Tom
  3. Blaser Big Knob for faster reloading in driven situations fits R8 R93 £20 Bolt

    Blaser big Knob Bolt extension available for Faster reloading in driven situations .Fits R8 & R93 Buy online at