1. tjm160

    Sold: Harkila Forester 17 Inch Zip 5mm H-Vent Wellingtons - Dark Olive Size 10 EUR 44

    Harkila Forester 17 Inch Zip 5mm H-Vent Wellingtons - Dark Olive, UK Size 10, EUR 44, as new, worn on just a handful of walks only to find slightly too small. £100 posted. Harkila Forester 17 Inch ZIP 5mm H-Vent Wellingtons, Neoprene insulated rubber boot with breathable liner and very...
  2. C

    Sold: Lundhags Jaure II High Boots - Size Eu 44

    Lundhags Jaure II High Boots - Size Eu 44 I bought these boots, upon recommendation, but they’re not for me, I’ll stick to my Danners. These are brand new, but without the box. They still have labels attached, come with the warranty card, a tub of Lundhags Leather Grease and some laces. they are...
  3. Y

    Harkila kit and retailer customer service

    Hello all. This is not a rant, but just to keep everyone informed. I have had a failry negative expereice with three pairs of Harkila wellies. I wear wellingtons on a daily basis as home and last June I decided to buy some wellies with better support and warmth and grip than what I have had...
  4. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Hunters, Le Chameau and Percussion Boots

    We have just added more boots to our range including Le Chameau and Hunter. Please go and take a look. Payments can be made through the website or via the phone. Please look in the contact section for details. Prices range from £62.00-£340.00 CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL
  5. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Jura Walking/Hunting Boots

    These boots are perfect for deer stalking, hunting and even hiking. Also they are on sale at the moment! There are only 3 pairs left! they were £109.99 now they are just £93.49 and shipping is just £4.95 and will be sent First class! Usually dispatched the same day as you purchase them! All...
  6. B

    Walking or stalking boots

    I've had a look at a few threads here, and am in the market for some good boots. I plan to use them for beating regularly and hill walking. And, of course, stalking when I can go. I was looking at simply replacing my Brashers, which have lasted me six or so years and have been comfortable and...
  7. K

    The Best Stalking Boots???

    I've asked my followers to suggest the best (but affordable) boots on the market for Deer Stalkers? So far I've had plenty of suggestions via Facebook and Twitter plus this blog: But I'd like your views on the matter before I share them all with the world. Tell me which? How Much they cost...
  8. M

    stalking boots

    im looking for a pair of high stalking boots. i have been looking at the le chameau mouflon plus boots. anybody had any experience with them? or is there a better pair?