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  1. For Sale: Howa 1500 Stainless Sporter in 7WSM

    For sale: Howa 1500 Stainless Sporter in 7WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) muzzle-threaded 1/2UNF, bedded into Boyd's Laminate thumbhole stock (Pepper) with a basic adjustable butt-plate. Round count when I bought it was 300 (he logged his brass's reloading cycles) and I've added another 125...
  2. 300 win mag brass - recommendations please.

    Hello Developing a load for 300WM. Been using the few once fired Federals I have but sorting through my once fired Sako brass, most have the same mark / defect / impression in the case wall. Both the Fed and Sako were shot through the same rifle, Sako brass all from same batch. Just in case...
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