brass cases

  1. 300 win mag brass - recommendations please.

    Hello Developing a load for 300WM. Been using the few once fired Federals I have but sorting through my once fired Sako brass, most have the same mark / defect / impression in the case wall. Both the Fed and Sako were shot through the same rifle, Sako brass all from same batch. Just in case...
  2. For Sale: Clear-Out. .222 dies, .222 brass cases and .224'' bullets

    Various reloading bits and pieces for .222 Dies Lee .222 quick trim die Lee .222 Full resize die lee .223 bullet seater (All will be cleaned. I have found the .223 seater functions just fine for .222) £25 posted Brass cases 38 x...
  3. Wanted: New .30-06 brass cases wanted

    I'm looking for new .30-06 brass. want to spend £50 or less. I would really like 100 PPU but can't seem to find any in stock in the UK. Does anyone have anything available or know of anyone?