1. Sold: Once-fired .243 Brass

    143 127 available that I've sorted into bags: Sako x61 - £20 Posted Hornady x23 - £10 posted Federal x43 - £15 Posted Remington (RP) x16 - £7 Posted SOLD If anyone wants to take the lot I can do it all for £35 posted. First time selling my shot brass, let me know if this is even a usable...
  2. For Sale: .308 brass

    I was going to home load, bought a £30 lee load kit. De-primed some brass and got bored at that. Hence, the brass is now for sale. 61 x Federal Classic (still primed) Once fired - £20 + £2.80 postage 24 x Federal Classic (de-primed) Once fired - £10 + £2.00 postage 12 x Norma Once fired - £4...
  3. For Sale: Brass Cheap

    All once fired. JOB LOT- THE LOT ONLY. 42 x Sako . 30-06 29 x Norma.. 222 21 x Hornady. 243 22 x Mixed Hornady and PPU. 7mm-08 And anything else I find on my root around. All guaranteed once fired as I do not reload. £20 posted for the lot. JOB LOT - NOT SPLITTING.
  4. Sold: .223 reloading clearout

    Hi. Sold my .223 so need to get rid of my reloading bits. I have for sale (P&P included in all prices): 50 x Lapua match brass new boxed + 21 3 times fired. £25 167 x Vmax 55gr. £30 45x Sierra Blitzking 40gr + 32 Sierra GK SP 55gr. £10 Redding Body Die, Redding FL sizing die, Lee bullet seating...
  5. Sold: .270 Federal FC brass

    39 x once fired Federal FC cartridge cases. £10 posted
  6. Sold: .270 Sako brass

    181 x once fired Sako cartridge cases. £70 posted
  7. Sold: .243 Remington R-P Brass

    181 x once fired Remington R-P cartridge cases. £55 posted

    NORMA RELOADING BRASS 6.5 CREEDMOR £60 for 100 and 6.5x284 at £120.00 for 100 POSTAGE £6.50 PER 100 01862892171
  9. Sold: 22 hornet ppu brass new

    packs of 100 £23.50 each One left Postage £4.50
  10. For Sale: Federal 243 Brass in boxes

    For sale price drop 100 Federal 243 brass once fired £25 collected £4 postage 2teal
  11. Sold: IMI 308 Brass

    For sale 420 once fired IMI 308 brass 260 are loose - 160 in plastic holders £40 the lot collected Will post at extra £4 per 100 2teal
  12. Wanted: .300 win mag brass

    Hi All, Another year another new cal to develop reloads for! I am after some components for .300wm, below is a list that I need to procure to begin reloading, and I am happy to use second hand dies. .300wm Brass (pref. once fired) Set of Lee dies I appreciate any bits that anyone has...
  13. For Sale: Norma 270 Brass

    Change of calibre so have the following available: c.100 new Norma cases - £50 delivered - sold c. 80 1xfired Norma cases - £30 delivered - sold (these two are both from the same batch of brass) c.100 Norma (one batch) - mixture of 1xfired, neck sized & primed or 2xfired, neck-sized & spent...
  14. Swap: Viht N140 for CFE223 or Varget. Nr Brighton, East Sussex

    I have an opened but full 1kg tub of Viht N140 powder. Supposed be really good stuff but I can't actually use it for any of my loads. Looking to swap in my area for some CFE 223 or varget. May also consider swapping for some small rifle primers and 50gr .224 bullets (expanding...vmax, ballistic...
  15. For Sale: .270 win brass

    I have 400 Hornady, 500 Norma, and 100 federal nickel plated cases. Once fired. No tarnishing. Can break down into 100's or £200 for the lot
  16. For Sale: .270 Brass

    I have a stack of brass for sale Federal cases: 226 Fired and Primed £80 50 Fired Unprimed £20 Rem: 100 New Unopened £50 61 New £30 50 fired £15 Will swap quanities for Dies or H4831 I have others in smaller quantities just PM me
  17. wanted 6.5x55 brass

    as above, i'm looking for 6.5x55 brass, preferable federal, but i could make do with any... many thanks