1. Sold: Brass 7mm08, 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 rem

    Various brass, 1st firing from factory unless stated otherwise, in boxes and or holder. All de-primed. 260 rem 80 pcs, federal boxed & plastic holders £60 50 pcs, nosler in plastic holders £40 6.5 cm (LRP) 77 pcs, Norma 2nd firing, annealed, in plastic strips of 10 £80 20 pcs Barnes...
  2. Sold: 7x57r brass wanted

    Preferably RWS but happy with others. New or in decent nick. Thanks
  3. For Sale: 222 once fired Hornady cases x104

    104x hornady 222 cases. Once fired. Come boxed with plastic inserts. (One box is a sako but brass is hornady) £15 for a quick sale
  4. Sold: 243 Brass x100 - Fired Once

    100 x 243 brass, fired once Bundle comprises:- 90 x FC Win 10 x Norma Also have 5 x nickel cases 243 cases can throw in if wanted £25 for the bundle incl postage (tracked 48).
  5. Sold: 6.5 Creedmoor Brass Barnes Headstamp

    110 once fired 6.5 Creedmoor brass LRP £65 posted

  7. For Sale: Once fired brass

    Massive once fired brass deals coming soon. all calibres from little to mahhosive. Confirmed prices so far and this list will be updated here only - not on current website. If you would like to buy some please ring us on 01263 739923. So... Hornady .50 NE x1 £2 each Generic .308 Win x50 £14.83...
  8. Sold: Once fired 243 Brass

    140 Once fired Federal 243 brass boxed £40 including postage
  9. For Sale: RWS BRASS CASES .222, .308, .300WIN AND 375 H&H FROM ONLY £59.00 A CASE OF 100

    RWS BRASS CASES .222, .308, .223, .300WIN AND 375 H&H FROM ONLY £59.00 A CASE
  10. Sold: RWS 222 REM CASES 200 PACK ONLY £60.00 2 PACKS LEFT
  11. Sold: *REDUCED * 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady Brass

    Had an offer I couldn’t refuse on Lapua brass, so have some of my very cared for Hornady brass for sale. All stainless tumbled, nice and bright, primer pockets uniformed. Annealed before sizing every time. 41 of 1x fired (annealed) - £15 posted 64 of 3x fired - £12 posted 60 of 4x fired -...
  12. Sold: Hornady .223 Once fired brass

    461 x once fired brass in .223 REM flavour. All once popped from Hornady match factory ammo originally. All stainless Tumbled so nice and shiny inside and out! some have writing on from case volume testing. All Decapped. Hornady Match factory 73gr ELD-M ammo has crimped primers, so cases will...
  13. For Sale: Handmade Fly Boxes

    Made from Walnut, with a resin border inlay and brass hardware. Choose from either a black or white closed cell foam liner. Finished in a water resistant satin lacquer. 125mm x 90mm x 32mm. Limited quantity available. £50 (inc. postage)
  14. Sold: .243 Full reloading kit - £300 - EH47 pick up

    Full loading kit for sale .243 Calibre. I have a huge amount kit, all you’ll ever need and more, even a tumbling machine and medium for cleaning the rounds...the last photo (in the comments) is a list of the kit, including the Lyman bible...pick up in EH47, West Lothian as it’s too heavy to post...
  15. wanted 6.5x55 brass

    as above, i'm looking for 6.5x55 brass, preferable federal, but i could make do with any... many thanks