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  1. Teckle daschund for stud.

    Afternoon all, I have a teckle daschund that is pedigree and KC registered. He comes from a line of tracking an has been trained to do so himself and does successfully. He is 3 and I am looking to put him out for stud, I have all his paperwork etc. I am 20mins south of Glasgow. As a general term...
  2. German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

    Hi Team, Request for all those GSP officionados out there. I've finally persuaded the Mrs that 2016 is the year for a new puppy and we've agreed upon a German Shorthaired Pointer on the basis that it's a breed she loves and I'm a regular stalker and game shot so it should be good for both...
  3. Hanoverian Scenthound

    Hi, my name is Andre´Schädlich and I come from Germany (Thuringia). I´ve been a hunter and dog handlers sweat for 16 years. In Thuringia I take care of a hunting area of 2,000-acre with wild boar, red deer, roe deer and mouflon. I´m a registered (§11) breeder for Hanoverian Scenthounds since 2005.
  4. HWV - FalconGreen Gundogs ?

    Does anyone have advice on this breeder of working HWVs please. I notice other breeders (Gonegos for instance) have feedback on the internet, though FalocnGreen do not. Any advice garetfully received.
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