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  1. Releasing Deer in Essex

    So what is the chance of creating your very own Deer utopia? Having recently read an old article of some escaped Reds in Hanningfield’s, Essex back in 2012 and all being shot in the night by a farmer and a lone stag culled and picture sent to the BASC magazine (Red Stag shot in Chelmsford). I...
  2. Ding! Have I finally gotten why Teckles are good deer hounds…. ?

    I aint no shooter, or hunter, but got myself a teckle 4years ago, was told he was a deer dog and had observed his almost quivering ifdeer came into view through a car window. I’ve seen him bark across fields in chase, with confidence he wouldn’tcatch them and with no one following he’d come...
  3. Pedigrees of Hanoverians needed

    I am trying to get the breed registered and recognised by the Kennel Club. This will enable breeders in this country to obtain papers for their pups if these are born from parents with export pedigrees. Contrary to what you hear the Kennel Club is most helpfull. They have send a long...
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