1. Sold: 230 303 FMJ bullets and a .615 round ball mould and .615 lead balls

    230 .303 British FMJ bullets - £44 posted. Very clean, I believe them to be 170grain but believe it or not my beam scales don't got up that high, so not 100%. Old .615 round ball mould and a handful of .615 lead balls. £23 posted.
  2. For Sale: Complete .308 Stalking rifle Mod scope and kit

    FREE STALKING RIFLE when you buy Ideal Complete setup. DEVON Brit classic Midland Gun Company Springfield action .308 It can achieve 1 moa with cheep PPU 150gn SP. (3 shots from cold) The general condition is 'well used' but it has some nice wood on the stock and nice 'old skool' quality...