1. For Sale: Browning medalist 20Bore o/u Ejector game gun

    Browning Medalist 20bore Ejector Single trigger Pistol-grip stock LOP: 14 1/4" Barrels: 28" 3" chambers Fixed chokes Lovely light game gun overall Very good condition £525.00 plus rfd to rfd (if applicable)

    Complete with 3 Magazines; 1 x 9 round & 2 x 4 rounds (+1 in all cases) Wooden stock with push button sling points. Contessa QR picatiny mount Vortex Sparc II multi height red dot sight (2MOA) Open sights system Sling with push button fittings Browning ABS hard case (Airline approved)...
  3. Rifle Bedding Oxfordshire

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith in Oxfordshire (or nearby) who can resin / epoxy bed a rifle for me? I'm looking to do this to hopefully improve accuracy and ensure consistent torque when re-assembling a wooden stocked rifle. TIA Tom
  4. For Sale: Browning Rochforte jacket size M

    Private sale Used cost was £100 new. £37.50 posted Browning Rocheforte quilted jacket. Size Medium Price includes parcelforce 24hour to your door
  5. Browning AB3 Advice

    Hi All, I'm after some advice on the Browning AB3; what sort of group sizes do people get with factory ammunition and homeloads with this rifle? I have one in .308 and am curious what results others have achieved. Thanks in advance! Tom
  6. Sold: Browning Xbolt 243 with extra's

    Browning Xbolt .243 win, stainless stalker, stainless barrel and comfortable synthetic stock. Threaded M14 X 1. Comes with a Harris bipod, medium height, non swivel and leather sling. Also has beartooth comb kit with various heights for raised comb, I had it attached for height for a thermal...
  7. For Sale: X bolt .308 mag and bottom metal for sale.

    Hi all, ive just upgraded my Xbolt to a chassis system and have the above for sale. These are both mint condition and are for sale at a price of £35.00 delivered to a uk address. The mag should work with any .308 type case. ive also got the stock on eBay if your looking for one.
  8. For Sale: Browning B425 trap

    B425 Trap 30", the action is nice and tight and in good used condition (there are a few marks from use over the years), I havent used for a while as I upgraded. Lovely wood colouring and good overall condition. £575
  9. For Sale: Browning Gold 10 bore semi

    Bought to go wildfowling, but change in circumstances means I wont be. Its black synthetic with 1/2 choke, its multi choke but I only have this one. £600
  10. Varmint or Hunter?

    Hello all, I'll shortly be in the market for my first rifle. I've been doing a fair bit of research and looking around and I've decided that for what I'm looking for, for my budget, I'm going for a Browning X Bolt (.308WIN). I'll be going for one of the eclipse models; I love the stock, it...
  11. Browning Maxus owners please help !

    Morning chaps, Yesterday while out shooting pigeons (in glorious sunny weather) i noticed that the little coloured piece of plastic (hi viz sight) had fallen problem i though, knowing that the gun came with a tiny pot of replacements back at home. However once i got back though i went...
  12. shotgun choke problem...

    well as above... i have a browning 410, and i had the choke tube crack in half, and ive got one bit out but there is still a bit in the barrel, does any one know a way to get it out? i was wondering weather a spot of weld on the peice of tube so i could turn it out with a screwdriver... but...