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  1. Sold: 4 x 32 Stoager scope

    As above Brand new and sealed 25mm £20 posted
  2. Hawke scopes? Has any try these or have any experience with them???

    Hi SD peeps Does anyone have strong feelings about the use of Hawke Scopes, I have enough budget to get a basic leupold/ziess but am i just paying for the name at the lower end of market?? Hawke Optics UK | Hawke Riflescopes Thanks Bladerunner
  3. Wanted: Stalking experience advice.

    Hello everybody, Quick bit of background, Im a 20 year old who has a DSC level 1 and I've just bought my first .243. However I have a problem! In September I'm going into the navy as a mine clearance diver, I was planning on doing a BASC cull week on the Isle of Arran, but that has squashed...
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