1. Hunting

    I live in London but I’m from Bulgaria and I go for big game hunting in Bulgaria during summer time. I hunt with a Blaser r93, cal: 9,3x62 because that’s my favourite brand.
  2. Available: Red deer hunting in Bulgaria

    Hello. Deer stalking in Bulgaria. I invite all lovers of hunting deer, which come in Bulgaria and you enjoy this type of hunting. This country is known with a good population of Red deer and big trophies. Trophies of Red deer killed in Bulgaria, have won several world records. For example in...
  3. Available: Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria

    Hello. In Bulgaria you can hunt big wild boar. We offer hide hunting and driven hunt. If you want to hunt hide hunting in Bulgaria, you can hunt all year. If you want to hunt driven hunt,now is the time to make your reservation because the hunting season begins starting from October to end of...