Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Introduction

    Based in Herefordshire (Ross on Wye). Mainly targeting Deer and Wild Boar.
  2. Hi, New to this forum

    Hi Guys new to the forum. Ive been hunting since knee high to a grass hopper, love deer hunting among other hunting, im a avid Call user and Builder. Im going to make a coffee and get stuck into some threads and hunting story's you guys have put on here. Look forward to discussing hunts...
  3. Roe buck / Sussex / 4th August

    I went out stalking on Friday 4th August. Great evening. Calling. Calling. Stayed on one patch in 3 positions. Not one deer in 2 1/2 hours. Moved to a patch 1/2 a mile away at last light and shot this one in the neck at 50 yards - coming in immediately to the call. Neck shot with my .243. I...
  4. Fallow responding to muntjac alarm

    Hi all, Just thought I'd pass on an experience from the other morning. I was out creeping around looking for muntjac when I came across a fallow doe feeding happily on a ride. As I often do when I come across deer out of season, I just settled down to watch her and enjoy the moment. She was...
  5. A1Decoy joins stalking directory as a trade member. Watch out for some great deals!

    A1Decoy and shooting shop sell some great stalking accessories as well as lamping equipment, pop-up hides, calls, gun care equipment, two-way radios, pigeon shooting equipment and even clay pigeon traps. As well as a full selection of decoys. We deliver all over the country at very keen prices.
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