1. Sold: Kuiu clothing, accessories and binocular harness in Verde 2.0 for sale

    I have a whole range of Kuiu gear for sale, I’ll list it below and update as and when things are sold: Extra photos will be sent or uploaded if requested. 1st come basis, will certainly split but, would offer the lot for £355 posted to your door? Kuiu Chinook Jacket - Large - mint - fleece...
  2. Sold: Beretta Realtree Green Gore-Tex Jacket

    Beretta Gore-Tex jacket in Realtree Green pattern, silent material and bound waterproof zips to prevent unwanted noise. Only selling as I don't get chance to use it enough. Insulated waterproof hood included (stowed in collar). Very good condition, only used about 10 times in total and probably...
  3. Wanted: WANTED camouflage Swandri smock

    Hello, i am looking for a swandri camouflage smock in medium or large similar to the one in the photo.Any condition considered. PM me if you have one you fancy clearing out.
  4. Infrared and Camouflage do deer see it like this?

    Take a look at these two photos same trousers one photo in daylight and the other with some daylight but taken with my game cam with infrared light, is this how deer see them??
  5. Camouflages: Blend in or Disappear

    Following on from a conversation in the store today about which camo and why, we thought it might be of help to offer some information about camo and all the varieties around these days. Books could be written and are on this subject, so this is a very brief overiew Camouflage has been around...
  6. Camouflaged up!!!!!!!! Ready to hunt!!!!!!!!

    Ready to go hunting now!!!!!!!!