1. Sold: Toyota SOLD

    For Sale Toyota Rav MK1 for sale A reluctant sale but I gave up shooting over a year ago and this has to go now as I've no use for it. I had it as a shooting truck hence the fantastic mud tyres that just transform this truck which has taken me across the fields even through the worst of...
  2. Sold: Kia Rio 1.25L Petrol

    Kia Rio 1.25L Petrol - Would make an ideal first car that would last or a small family car. Located in Sawston, Cambridge. • MOT until October 2020 • Full service history • 64,700 miles only • 5 speed manual • Engine runs fantastically- quiet with no odd noises and has never failed to start...
  3. 80 Deer Motor Vehicle Collisions a Day!

    Here's the shocking pictorial headline from the Government of Sweden. But, don't they have a natural head of predating wolves? Yes But the wolves are culled too. By when will it ever get this bad in some areas of the UK?! Cheers, K