1. Wanted: 6.5x47mm Lapua Cases

    I'm looking for a small number of 6.5x47mm Lapua cases for a forthcoming project. Could somebody spare 5-10 cases please? Please PM me with cost etc. Thanks in anticipation.
  2. For Sale: .270 win brass

    I have 400 Hornady, 500 Norma, and 100 federal nickel plated cases. Once fired. No tarnishing. Can break down into 100's or £200 for the lot
  3. Peli case discount for SD members!

    Moderators strike be down if i shouldn't have posted this here - but it seemed a good offer for all on the board. Following on from the thread further down about cases it seems a number of us use the Peli cases in one form or another. Given it is something that a good number of us may want /...