1. Sold: 7x57r brass wanted

    Preferably RWS but happy with others. New or in decent nick. Thanks
  2. For Sale: 222 once fired Hornady cases x104

    104x hornady 222 cases. Once fired. Come boxed with plastic inserts. (One box is a sako but brass is hornady) £15 for a quick sale
  3. For Sale: RWS BRASS CASES .222, .308, .300WIN AND 375 H&H FROM ONLY £59.00 A CASE OF 100

    RWS BRASS CASES .222, .308, .223, .300WIN AND 375 H&H FROM ONLY £59.00 A CASE
  4. Sold: RWS 222 REM CASES 200 PACK ONLY £60.00 2 PACKS LEFT
  5. Differences between Ogden's Rifle Slips?

    So, I'm wondering about the finer differences between these nice Ogden's rifle slips, or "cases" to us cousins across the pond. I would just email Ogden to ask, but I already have a question in to them about a possible customization, and they haven't gotten back to me yet (a couple of days). I...
  6. Peli case discount for SD members!

    Moderators strike be down if i shouldn't have posted this here - but it seemed a good offer for all on the board. Following on from the thread further down about cases it seems a number of us use the Peli cases in one form or another. Given it is something that a good number of us may want /...