1. For Sale: Blaser Briley F3/F16 Spectrum Chokes

    2 x Mod 2 x LMod £180 posted for a fast sell on one go
  2. Sold: Teague Titanium Invector + Choke Set &. Taper Key

    Titanium Teague Chokes for Invector Plus (Browning, Miroku, some Winchester etc) Never used! Would be £388 for the set new now from Teague. 2x Skeet 2x Imp Cyl 1x Half 1x Taper Choke Key In a browning case. £250 posted.
  3. Any experience of Patternmaster Chokes?

    I’ve got a bit of goose shooting lined up for the next season, managed to get my hands on quite a few big steel cartridges and other that using my normal go to Briley half chokes, anyone actually stepped out into the more specific chokes and seen and conceivable advantage? I’m a big fan of...
  4. Sold: Various Chokes - Briley Invector+/Invector20b/Blaser

    My mrs is making me tidy out my gun cupboard, and the first of many things to go is chokes from guns I used to own. I'm still tidying, and theres bound to be a lot more to come. So far I have: Briley Blaser Spectrum Chokes Skeet Light Modified Light Full Full £180 for the full set. Briley...
  5. Teal Chokes

    I bought a set of Teal Chokes recently. They arrived quickly, appear to be well made, Teal Chokes - Teal Chokes and at a great price. Patterned evenly on the plate today too. Worth a look if you're in need of replacements or additions
  6. extented shotgun chokes

    <Edit this post with your proper Introduction please>