1. Sold: MagnetoSpeed Sporter

    Hi Folks, I have a Magnetospeed Sporter for sale. It's about a 18m old, and been used about 10 times. In orginal box. Immaculate. Had a spacer rod, to make set-up super easy £160 ono incl postage James
  2. Magnetospeed V3

    Anyone following my recent threads may not be surprised by my next question - anyone thinking of selling their Magnetospeed V3? If so, please drop me a pm - I'd like to speak..................... Many thanks Peter
  3. chronograph

    hello there, sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place.... but.... does any one in the Scottish borders, or who visit it often have a chronograph i could borrow for a day? i would be happy for them to stand with me and my mate while we put out rifles over it, and would be happy for them...