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  1. Swap: Quality Cornish driven Pheasant

    Hello all, I am a long-standing member of a very well established shoot in mid Cornwall. This season I am looking to swap a seriously good days pheasant shooting for Red, Sika, Fallow, CWD, or Munty stalking. I’ve plenty of Roe stalking available to me locally so I am looking to swap a day for...
  2. Swap: Fancy a Quality Driven Game Day in Cornwall?

    Hi all, An opportunity to swap stalking for a cracking days Pheasant shooting as my guest on a long established syndicate. Based in mid Cornwall our freindly Shoot typically produces bags of between 50-100 head with birds for all abilities including some towering driven game. Our little...
  3. New Member from Truro !

    Hello Everyone, My Names Sam im 21 and Currently Applying for my Firearms licence for a .243 and .22. I am working as a climbing arborist but a commercial diver by trade, i do want to return to diving soon though. I have been reading through the forum surrounding what i will have to do to get...
  4. Hello

    Hi, I'm Florence, 19 from Devon. I study press and editorial photography at Falmouth University, Cornwall and have signed up here to see if anyone knows of any taxidermists or people with taxidermy that I could possibly contact for a project? Don't hesitate to message me! Thank you Florence
  5. hello from cornwall

    I have been shooting for many years started when i was about 10 with air guns and then went on to shotguns and have now progressed to rifles i have a cz .22lr and a tikka t3 .243 and am looking to work towards my DSC 1 as have a few farmers that are having a spot of bother with a few reds and...