1. Available: Hunt 68 Animals, 6 Hunting days, 4 Hunters, All included!

    Day 1: Arrive at Bloemfontein and transfer to lodge and hunting area. Lodge is 2 hour’s drive from airport. Day 2 and 3: Driven shoots on Springbuck from shooting positions other can be walk and stalk or positions, 40 x Springbuck, 4 x Blesbuck or 4 x Impala, 4 x Black Wildebeest 4 x Red...
  2. Available: Deer culling experience

    We have three vacancies on the intermediate deer course in Houghton hall in Norfolk on the 3rd December. A great was to improve your skills Peter
  3. Vacancy: Nightshooting Assistant

    Looking for a nightshooting assistant to help with deer culling in Dumfries and Galloway this winter. 2 or 3 nights a month. Pm for details
  4. Available: Late Notice Tahr Cull

    Hi All We have a late notice Tahr Cull available for this coming September. The hunt includes pick up and drop off form Christchurch, accommodation, food and as many female Tahr as you can shoot. If my memory serves me correctly then the guide told me they cull 200+ per year but that is not...
  5. Available: Heavy Discounted Hinds & Roe Does Due To Tree Damage

    Hi guys, I just got a call from Griff this mng, and it seems that we have a couple of spots getting hit by the roe and red hinds. I'm looking to put some teams out through Feb to get some females of both species, (mainly Roe), in order to reduce numbers a bit more. I'm looking at 2-4 people...
  6. Wanted: Looking for deer stalking opportunities in Gloucestershire/Wiltshire

    hi guys, me and my son are looking for deer stalking outings for: cull roe, muntjack, fallow and /or red deer. i am not looking for big trophys but cull bucks and does. Who can offer us something? marc
  7. Available: Goats.

    Hi All, I have a few goats still to take off of the cull variety. We are doing a deal for two rifles to go out with Griff for the day. £350 (£175 Each rifle ) with no shot fees on the nannies and kids. Cull billies are £100 and trophy billies are £250 each. Reasonable fitness required and...
  8. Introduction

    :mad:Advertising !! Read the site rules. If you want to advertise take out Trade membership. L
  9. Available: Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag

    DAY TAKEN Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag I have anopportunity for a novice/beginner deerstalker to undertake a beginner’s course in red deer management that will include the culling of a large red stag 10 point plus as part of the day. THE CULLING OF THIS...
  10. Silence in the Glens; Increasingly excessive deer culling targets

    We seem to be hearing more and more in the press, stories of rising deer populations,backed up by statistics such as increasing RTA’s involving deer etc. Concerned deer managers, stalkers and landowners across the Scotland in particular are reporting that,as a response, deer populations are...