cwd stalking

  1. Deer Stalking

    Hi, Raj here. Love deer stalking and do a moderate amount in Dorset on our farm and in Scotland. Never shot a muntjac or CWD. Of course, I have my DSC1 and my fire arms licence and thought I should join this group of like minded individuals.
  2. Wanted: Assisted stalking for Muntjac, Roe, CWD in Herfordshire or adjacent county.

    I have had some years of shooting with my club and for pest control (rabbit and fox) and am currently looking to extend my experience in the field to include deer stalking for the smaller spieces of deer. As I'm looking to do this on a regular basis (albeit on a spare-time basis), ideally I'd...
  3. Hi All

    Hi All; My name is Richard, I've been shooting with a club and involved in pest control (rabbits and foxes) for some years now. This along with my DSC level 1 (gained some time ago in September 2012) now makes me feel it's time to look towards taking the next step and getting involved in some...