cz 452

  1. Sold: CZ 452/453 .17HMR/.22WMR Metal Magazines x 4

    Surplus to requirements I have 4 of the original 5-shot metal magazines. They retail for £37.50 each and want only £60 for all 4 delivered (£15 each).
  2. Sold: CZ 452 Silhouette . 22LR - Scope - sound mod - 3 magazines. Hardly used.

    Mods, I hope you don't mind me posting this on behalf of my elderly father who isn't too up to speed with IT. Please remove my post if unacceptable. My Father is selling his almost unused CZ 452 .22 rim fire 'Silhouette' model with composite stock. He has owned the rifle from new and has...
  3. Looking to replace my .22 rimfire

    I am looking to replace my rather tired Mauser 107 .22 lfb bolt action rifle. I have seen the CZ 452 silhouette but now also the zkm 455 thumbhole. There is also the Weihrauch HW 60 and the Anschutz XIV. does anyone own any of the above or have any sound advice please? I currently run a 12"...