deer management

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    I Want Your Opinion: How Effective is Deer Management in the UK?

    How effective do you think deer management is in the UK? I want to hear your thoughts. I am in my second year at Askham Bryan Agricultural College in York studying Countryside Management, 19 years old, carrying out a personal research project aimed at gauging the opinions on the effectiveness of...
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    Deer control

    Hi all I have some time available to help with any deer control issues if anyone needs a hand in the Beds, Bucks, Herts, Cambs or Northants area. Please be in touch for a chat to see if a survey will be needed. Email or PM me Many thanks Martyn
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    Hi I'm Martyn

    Evening All I'm Martyn I've been shooting for a number of years now and have a few permissions on which I take care of the usual range of pests near home in Central Bedfordshire and am happy to take on some more. I shoot a range of rifles including .17hmr, 22-250Rem, 243Win, 257WM, 270Win...
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    Hello to all Hi,as a new member

    Hi, I'm Paul, I live in South Staffordshire, I work as a Tree Surgeon and have been Deer Stalking for around 20 years and absolutely adore it - had some great fun and really exciting challenges over those years. I still stalk, although the land over which I shoot is shrinking fast as the land...
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    Deer in thick cover.

    Hi Folks. The woodland manager that looks after the estate were I have permission to shoot is giving me a hard time over the amount of damage being done to mature larch and fir. I know there is a large amount of red deer in the woodland but the problem is that there is no way of shooting...
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    Work experience

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if this is to go in this general or somewhere else on the forum (please advise if I need to move it please John?) As some of you may know from my introduction, I am (very) new to industry, Deer management is where I am interested and am retraining in Cheshire at Reaseheath...
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    Urban Roe Deer Immunocontraception Population Control - Yes or No?

    I am a student of Greenwich University currently conducting a study on Urban Deer Immunocontraceptive Population Control. It is the purpose of my study not to irradicate culling, as i do understand the need for it, but to offer an alternative population control for wild urban Roe Deer in...