Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!
  1. Red deer - 27/12/19

    Red deer - 27/12/19

  2. Devon Deer Stalkers

    Any Devon chaps on here? I only know two or three so would be nice to get in touch with the community, maybe organise a coffee or pint where we can talk about deer and whatnot
  3. New member - North Devon

    Hi all, I thought I'd introduce myself as I've just officially registered after lurking for a while. Just moved to North Devon on the edge of exmoor and have previously been shooting shotguns (English skeet) for about 5 years mainly at Bisley as I lived just down the road. Since there are...
  4. Available: Roe Buck accompanied stalking - Devon

    Roe Buck accompanied stalking – Devon. Evening All. Thinking about your first Roe Buck or looking to get out in the beautiful summer evenings to maybe catch up with a good 6 pointer? For the next 4 months only I will be taking bookings for the Bucks here in Devon. Own rifle not required and...
  5. Devon Stalkers Shoot - 28th February 2016

    This event will be run in partnership with Roundhouse Firearms Training with more live updates on here and the Facebook group - "Devon Stalking" and "Roundhouse Firearms Training". The day will give members the chance to shoot reactive targets (steel) along with paper targets out to a maximum...
  6. Available: Guilded Fallow Stalking - Devon

    Ross is the latest client to cull his first deer. Very accurate shot from quad sticks taking the beast broadside on. Hoping to post his story and feedback shortly. Stalking fees Prices shown are per animal £75.00 per person (approx 2-3 hours) to shoot one...
  7. Deer stalking offered in Devon

    Hi! Im looking to take on more land as a deer stalker, I Am DSC1 qualified and fully insured. have been rabbiting and target shooting (air rifle since 4 but now shoot 600 meter .308) for many years but just starting out as deer stalker, have a few permits from rabbiting and vermin but deer are...
  8. First Roe Buck

    So, a few months ago, I decided that I'd saved up enough pennies to go stalking again (or would have done by the time the date came around) and, given the time of year, trying for a roe buck was the obvious answer. I had a good look through the forums and based on all the excellent feedback, I...
Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!