dfa 75 set up

  1. Freeforester

    For Sale: Pulsar DFA 75 plus scope attachments

    Hi, got a brand new, boxed DFA 75, TJ replacement for a recalled Mk 1, never used in anger, so mint throughout, with FOUR scope adapters, 1 -42mm, all the shims, 2 -50mm all the shims, and 1 - 56mm again with all the shims. All in boxes 42mm fitted once (to zero the new unit never been out in...
  2. S

    Pulsar Forward DFA75 Mk2 Video Set Up Guide by Byron Pace

    Hello We are regularly asked by potential Pulsar Forward DFA75 owners how easy the unit is to set up. To answer this question Byron Pace and The Night Vision Show have created this video guide, which shows you how to get the best from your DFA75 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra56owg_nvo We...