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    Available: SD Offer: 11Jan14 First Aid Course, Nr Lincoln, Ticket to satisfy FC

    Something that has been drawing my attention a lot recently, is the FC wrapping everything in red tape. First Aid courses can be expensive, and sometimes, people are daunted by being qualified as they feel that they are somehow legally bound to help as soon as they are qualified. Not to worry...
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    Peli case discount for SD members!

    Moderators strike be down if i shouldn't have posted this here - but it seemed a good offer for all on the board. Following on from the thread further down about cases it seems a number of us use the Peli cases in one form or another. Given it is something that a good number of us may want /...

    10% OFF - for The Stalking Directory members ONLY!

    Exclusive discount for The Stalking Directory on any item from either the Stalking or Lamping categories in our shop at 10% discount applied when you put OCTDEERDIR10% in the voucher code box in your shopping cart Exclusive to members of The Stalking Directory Limited...