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  1. Hemolymph nodes?

    Hi all, Just a quick double check. I have gralloched a roe buck and come across what looked like pomegranate seeds in the connective tissue under the spine between the diaphram anus. They seemed unusually bright (fresh blood in them?) and numerous. Poor pictures attached. All other organs...
  2. Liver Fluke in young roe

    Dear all Thought there hadn't been a gross out photo of liver fluke for a while. Young roe. Otherwise completely healthy, if a little low on kidney fat. No abnormal behaviour. May have put me off pate for a while...
  3. Liver lesion in a sika deer

    This photograph shows a lesion in the liver of a thin sika deer. I wonder whether anybody can suggest what it is? Unfortunately I don't have any further details of the gralloch and I don't know the answer. I will be very interested to see what ideas people have.
  4. Deer Stalkers Help Needed! - Liver Fluke Research Project

    I responded to the 30th April Shooting Times request for samples (attached). But, it has become obvious since then that despite the promises to send Gillian Mitchell samples, in reality and despite best endeavours from some stalkers, this hasn’t happened in anything like sufficient numbers! So...
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