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    NEW PRODUCT BLASER DOG BLANKET £29.99 Size: 28x40”
  2. GWP - June 2019.jpg

    GWP - June 2019.jpg

  3. GWP re-homing

    Hi all I have a 4 year old GWP that I want re homed. He’s an excellent tracking dog on both live and cold scent. Workington most efficiently on blood. Have also used him on boar and is the same as deer. The he problem is is that he needs to be in a one dog home with no children. A home with a...
  4. HELP!! - MISSING DOG - Wrexham area

    A mate LOST his 8 yr old male smooth haired lurcher near nant mill area off Wrexham on Saturday afternoon. If anyone has found him or has any information PLEASE contact me by PM - he's sorely missed. Your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. This is already on facebook and...
  5. not deer dog - just training/chewing related

    so my 12 month old Patterdale bitch hasnt had a history of chewing the wrong things for several months - when very young iphone cables, leads and my bino objective covers(aaaargh!) were all destroyed, and this morning I woke up to find her in her cage chewing happily away on my brand new...
  6. My Vizsla - at 6 months old he has started training to the gun and the stalk

    Not bad as yet - just getting a little boisterous and entering the phase of 'doing what ever the hell he likes!' Time for some smack down…..
  7. New dog, new owner

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good book or two for some light reading for a novice dog owner? We will be getting a bitch at 8 weeks old from a friend who is very close and will help out, but want to do some background reading.
  8. How many stalkers own or have ready access to a deer dog?

    Following on from the "Is .243 Big Enough" debate, how many own or have ready access to a dog capable of tracking a lost animal? From the plethora of posts on the topic, it appears almost inevitable that regardless of calibre, capability or experience, at some stage all stalkers are likely to...
  9. A Different View Before You Clear Up After Your Dog....

    Purely just for laughs folks that's all... :-D
  10. A dogs life and Death, and how it changed Mine

    I thought I would share a story for those Friday night fellows taking it easy. I am sure many of you dog owners can relate to this story. I am a bad writer so I am sorry for the bad wording ahead of time. The life of my bird dog Abby Tekoa Smith. 12 years ago in Washington Michigan, in the...
  11. Late Onset Epilepsy in Labradors

    Does anyone have any experience with epilepsy in Labs? I have a 6 year old black lab who first presented fitting last year on a walk. He has now had 3 or 4 fits since then. As usual our vet has been flippin useless and just wants to start racking up a huge bill and diagnosing a lifelong...
  12. Go Pro HD Dog Cam: First Video attempt

    Hello My two year old has been sponsored with a Go Pro HD Helmet cam, as he has been riding mountain bike trails off road for a bike company as a promotional thing. He is lucky enough to have been given a Go Pro HD, so i thought on a dog outing I would give it a whirl using my Ruff Wear Dog...
  13. Norwegian roe deer hunt with dogs

    After several failed trips for me and a group of friends everything seemed to fall into place today. We arrived at the meeting place 7:30 to be greeted with 5 roe deer in the middle of the farmers field adjacent to our hunting terrain. This field separates two different hunting terrains but...
  14. A cat,a Fawn,a Deer and a unlucky dog!

    I came across this while flicking through youtube. the cat seemed to be suffering from a case of it's eye's were bigger than it's belly.:doh: And what looks like a old border collie was, well, in the wrong place wrong time kind'a deal.
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