double rifle

  1. Sold: Double Rifle .30-06

    Baikal MP221 side by side rifle in .30-06 £500.00 Nice walnut stock, still a very tight action. Shoots very well. I regulated it for myself and the main barrel, the left one, cloverleaf groups at 50 yards when scoped, still shoots well if you practice with the open sights. I home-loaded...
  2. Adjusting the triggers on a Baikal MP221 side by side rifle

    Hi all, After advice on how i can personally adjust the triggers on a Baikal mp221 double rifle in 3006 cal? They are a staggering 7.5lbs. Ideal weight would be 3-4 lbs. Thanks
  3. What quick release mounts?

    Hi all, I am soon to be getting a .30-06 double rifle for night boar shooting and woodland/highseat stalking deer. In terms of scopes, I am thinking of using two. A Bushnell Trophy 1 - 4 x 28 IR XLT and a 4.5 x 42 Photon. I believe the double rifle has a picatinny rail if not then I will fit...
  4. Sold: Baikal .30-06 SxS Double Rifle

    Selling my Baikal.30-06 side by side double rifle.....perfect condition....ideal woodland deer gun or a boar buster !!!! Used it myself with iron sights on fallow....groups well and point of impact is adjustable....see reviews on web... Reason for sale....i am left handed and changing my...