1. Lewis T3

    Sold: Starlight Archer Grade D - Drangon Fly - Spare Bayonet

    Hello, I have for sale a very clear Archer Grade D. I upgraded to a Longbow XD4 and held on to the archer but it’s been sat at home not getting used so must go to a new home. £1250 for the unit and one bayonet and shims Dragon Fly IR £150 Spare bayonet £50 preferably sell as a...
  2. dmouland

    Sold: Starlight Arrow Night vision unit with Dragonfly IR Laser

    I am reluctantly selling my night-vision add-on to fund my .30-06 double rifle. It's a Starlight Arrow unit that fits to the rear of your scope via a bush and screw system. The bushing slides onto the scope and then the NV unit screws onto that bushing. You focus the unit via your parallax on...