driven boar


    Available: SLOVAKIA free Range Driven Wild Boar Trip Dec 2nd to 6th £2900

    We have a few spaces on a superb Slovakian open area (Full of Game ) hunt .I was there last year and saw lots of Boar and Red Deer. Fantastic area cant wait to go back. I am going Nov and Dec will be a great trip . This is a high volume Hunt. With great accomodation in a hunting Chateau .We fly...
  2. stalkinginengland

    Available: Wild Boar in France

    We have set up a sister company to Deer Stalking in England ltd called Hunt Europe. We are now offering all our french Boar shooting through this new company and have a new website specializing in these sports. We can offer Boar in Northern and southern France for individuals and teams so please...
  3. R

    Hello from Rik

    Too many years to admit to shotgun shooting, recently (5 years ago) invited stalking, loved it!! cairngorms are fantastic, shot a few reds and a couple Roe mainly with .243 just got own FAC for .22LR and .270 permission to shoot rabbits and fox locally however May have made a mistake with .22...
  4. cazadormad

    Available: Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria

    Hello. In Bulgaria you can hunt big wild boar. We offer hide hunting and driven hunt. If you want to hunt hide hunting in Bulgaria, you can hunt all year. If you want to hunt driven hunt,now is the time to make your reservation because the hunting season begins starting from October to end of...

    Available: Wild Boar Hunting in Serbia, December. 1 SPACE LEFT

    DRIVEN WILD BOAR IN SERBIA ONE SPACE LEFT Results from our last trip: Day 1; We shot 63 rounds and got 21 Boar. All 10 guns shot at least 1 boar. Day 2; 82 shots fired Day 3; 99 shots fired Total Boar shot; 55 Overall we had a great time! Cover was a bit thicker than normal due to...