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  1. M

    DSC1 at Ardnamurchan 8th-10th February 2019

    Hello everyone, My name is Steve and I'm new to the forum here but not necessarily new to deer stalking. Just a quick question and some information to anyone around Scotland who are looking to do their DSC1. I have pre booked a course with Jelen (Premier Wildlife Services) but have found out...
  2. Peterm

    Available: BASC Deer related courses

    Below are the courses available for the rest of the year. Next years dates swill be announced before the start of 2019. Key IDC = Intermediate Deer Course (Get culling experience before doing your DSC 2) DSC 1 = Deer Stalking Certificate 1 C&B = Carcass and Butchery course BMCR = Basic Metallic...
  3. P

    DSC 1 Exam Questions on Scotland / NI Laws

    Hi, I am sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find any responses on searching. In the DSC 1 written exam, do you get asked questions on NI & Scotland laws etc. if you are taking the exam in England? I see the question bank has questions specific to these regions. Thanks Paul
  4. Peterm

    Available: DSC 1 Courses across the UK

    An update on BASC DSC 1 courses July 2016 21 Jul - 24 Jul DSC 1 course - Hilborough, Thetford, Norfolk Hilborough Village Hall, Westgate Street,Hilborough, Thetford - FULL August 2016 11 Aug - 14 Aug DSC1 course - Chippenham Park, Ely, Cambridgeshire Chippenham Park...
  5. B

    Wanted: DSC1 Newby looking for experience

    Hi, ive had a bit of a negative response to this same request on FB, mainly from people with bad attitude & not a true reflection of the majority of people I have met in the sport to date. (I find any negativity a tad baffling, when new blood is always important in any industry). Anyway, you...
  6. stalkinginengland

    Available: DSC1 in Norfolk

    DSC1 courses held in Norfolk with Deer Stalking in England ltd. Free manual on booking, lunch included and free range time. The courses are held over 3 days Friday, Sat and Sunday. The last day being for assessments. £300.00 pounds all in with small groups and all the back up you need. Manual...
  7. JMS Training

    Available: 2 Day DSC Level 1 Course, Tarbert, Argyll, 31 May/1 June, £245

    Latest dates now available: 31 May / 1 June - 2 day DSC Level 1, Tarbert, Argyll. Cost is £245 including a copy of Dave Stretton's excellent training manual. Get in touch for more details. James
  8. JMS Training

    Available: DSC Level Course - Lairg - 22nd/23rd March 2014

    2 Day Level 1 Training/refresher day - Saturday 22nd March 2014 Assessment day - Sunday 23rd March 2014 Cost for 2 days: £245 including DMQ registration and training manual. £220 if no manual required. Assessment only may be possible dependent on space. PM for more details. Dates/location...
  9. J

    Available: DSC1 Hampshire - Only four spaces left

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all well. Are you looking to take DSC1 before the end of the year? If so then we have four spaces left on our November BASC Accredited DSC1 courses in Hampshire (22nd, 23rd & 24th November), and 6 spaces left on our December course (6th, 7th & 8th December) You can...
  10. mickp

    Trossachs deer management.

    Just done my DMQ1 with Brian, Paul and Andy at Trossachs deer management and they were great, very good at working through everything especially the shooting part of the test which there tips and advice really helped myself. Was also a good group of guys that were on the course, I can defiantly...
  11. EwanScott

    DSC level 1

    ​Passed my DSC level 1 last weekend :-D would like to thanks Ron at eskdalemuir would definitely recommend him for anyone wanting to do the course.
  12. N

    Anyone near Glasgow ...?

    Hi everyone, this site has been recommended to me by a friend. I'm new to stalking (have completed a couple of accompanied stalks recently) but am not new to rifles (7 years in the army) or fields ports (a lifetime of pigeon shooting, rabbiting of all kinds and fly-fishing). I'm just starting...
  13. A

    Quick Question in DSC1 question bank (97)

    Hello everyone. I'm currently revising for the DSC1 and going through the General Question Bank. One question has me stumped as I don't think any of the multiple choices make sense given my understanding of the law. 97. To shoot deer on unenclosed land anywhere in Scotland, a valid Game License...
  14. I

    Moray Outfitting / Stalking School - Sporting rifle and DSC1 courses

    For anyone unsure where to do their DSC 1, I can highly recommend John and Andy's 2 day revision and assessment. Sporting Rifle Course. Taken April 2012. Having first met Andy after booking their 1 day Sporting rifle course with my friend Chris, I was impressed with the facilities and vast...