1. Wanted: Guide/Trainer Approved Witness - Central Scotland

    Hello, My plan is to get the DSC2 before August and a signficant birthday. I got the DSC1 two years ago and have been helping out with the Hind Cull on an estate, getting experience. Due to the Keeper on the estate leaving for a job in New Zealand I have lost my permission and mentor. I'm...
  2. Available: Intermediate deer course

    For those aspiring to do their DSC 2, this is a great way to gain experience Intermediate Deer Course - Thoresby Estate, Nottingham 03/11/2022 - 04/11/2022 All Day Thoresby Estate, Ollerton Nottinghamshire Intermediate Deer Course - Baronscourt, Co. Tyrone 04/11/2022 - 05/11/2022 All Day...
  3. DSC2 questions for witnesses, assessors and those who have achieved it

    Hi all, Due to requirements in the industry, I am compelled to obtain a DSC2. Have read guidance notes and asked around only to get different answers, already registered and looked at the list of witnesses. I have a few questions, answers are gratefully received. 1- Lymph nodes; how many...
  4. DSC2

    Recommendations for DSC2 please....looking to get it done & dusted early next year. Thanks in advance
  5. Available: Somerset Roe

    Roe buck stalking available. Walk and Stalk. High seat. DSC2 assessments All classes of buck in area starting at £75 Stalking fees £85/outing. Trophy Fees are £1/gram up to 500g of top skull without mandible. Additional wt in excess of 500g is charged at £9/gram. Weight will be determined 24...
  6. dsc2

    can anyone give me the information on what is required to complete the dsc2,i am considering doing mine but have no idea what is involved and likely cost involved,i do hold dsc1 and would have to find out where i register etc
  7. Wanted: AW Inverness-Shire / Highland

    Any AW's on here in the above Locations? I have the BASC list but none of the guys I have emailed have replied as of yet. Cheers
  8. Available: AW available for Home Counties, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire & Oxfordshire

    You need to sort out the ground but I'm happy to do it for petrol money alone. Just PM me if interested. Jack
  9. Available: DSC2 Culls in only 2 DAYS!

    Hi Everyone, I am delighted to announce the first dates for the 2014/15 season for you to be able to complete your three DSC2 culls in only two days. The dates will be in Oxfordshire, but we will add further dates later. The current scheduled dates are: 27th, 28th Oct. 11th,12th...
  10. Available: Place in an Oxfordshire Syndicate

    Really sorry everyone - had no idea how much interest this would generate. Just goes to show that there are plenty of well qualified, high quality guys out there looking for stalking. I tried to PM everyone back individually but the site is quite strict about sending messages out on mass so...
  11. DSC1 grants

    Hi does anyone know of any grants available for the DSC1 courses in the north of England
  12. An Introduction

    Greetings, gentle reader! My name is Andy. I'm a young 58. I haven't shot a deer since I culled a switch on Braeroy in 1977 when I was working there as ponyman with the stalker Gordon Addison. I did three seasons on the ponies at Braeroy, took a 32 year sabbatical and then did a season...
  13. Available: Short notice Red Hinds Caithness Jan 6/7/8 2014

    As per the reports of Diverdave - http://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/75441-Caithness-the-return!-(with-some-good-and-bad-shooting)?highlight=caithness We've had a last minute cancellation for three days on the hinds up in Caithness. Cost is £160 per day and 6,7,8th January...
  14. The Cost of DSC1

    DSC 1 Costs effective 29th June 2012 BDS 4 Course £275 Includes DSC 1 Manual (£30 if Purchased separately) Assessment Only £160 Ultimate Deer Data + Assessments £175 BASC 4 day course £290 Donnington Deer Management 4 Day Course £305 Assessment only £145 Barony College 2 Day Course...