Leica Amplus 6
  1. Available: 200 Bird Duck Shoot in Radstock. 10 Guns

    200 Bird Duck Shoot in Radstock. 10 Guns 8 guns spare Tuesday 22nd December 2020. Holcombe Duck Shoot, Radstock. Meet at the shoot lodge at Moors Farm, 9am. Lunch provided. BA3 5ES. Lovely terrain with high birds! £590 (including lunch). Please see the photos of some of the land at the shoot.
  2. What length legs?

    Hi We are planning to use a few feed bins with battery operated spinners to feed a kibbled maize /wheat mix in one of our woods. I imagine that the spinner needs to be positioned above pheasant height. If so how high above the ground have others put them, and is there anything else we need to...
  3. Available: Syndicate Members

    Two guns available in driven pheasant, duck syndicate in Herefordshire Plenty of snipe, wild duck, geese and woodcock. 9 days shooting all Saturdays. 3000 pheasants, 300 duck. £2200 + £40 each shoot day towards beaters and pickers up Average bag 100+ birds
  4. Wldfowl season

    Are any of you guys out tomorrow after a quacker or a honker?....If so don't forget they've had a poor breeding season (round here anyway) and those young flappers will be as green as grass, give them a chance and in a couple of months they will be good sporting birds you will remember shooting...
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