east sussex

CDSG Shooting Sports
  1. Introduction

    Been deer stalking for almost a year now, learning the ropes on each trip, prepping for DSC1 in December 21, looking to gain as much experience as possible. One of the important aspects for me is ethical stalking, and putting an emphasis on letting the deer go if the shot isn't perfect...
  2. Wanted: Wild Boar down south ...?

    Hi, I'm interested in some wild boar stalking that I can access from London. Anyone able to help? At a push, I could probably go as far as The Forest of Dean. Anyone able to offer some wild boar stalking there or (preferably) closer to the dreaded metropolis ...!? East Sussex/Kent would be...
  3. Fallow Doe in East Sussex

    Last week I was stalking with another blogger and SD member (Bashing Bambi) in the woodlands of E. Sussex and after a relaxing but unproductive dawn-watch in a high seat we were lucky enough to bushwhack this little lady, in fact we got on so well she's now living in my freezer! He has some...