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Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!
  1. Sold: Range finder for sale

    Hi all, Hawke LRF 400 rangefinder for sale like new good working order including case boxed, £70 posted, UK ONLY
  2. Sold: Heck Pack Game Transporter -

  3. Sold: Beretta DWS Gortex Optifade Jacket (XXL) and Trousers (XL)

    The two following items are for sale - both in excellent condition with no rips or tears. Have seen light use. Dry, warm and silent for long winter evenings or nights in tree stands or hides. Equally comfortable and quiet when walking/stalking. I have reduced weight and now surplus to...
  4. Sold: Shooting Sticks - Knobloch, Vanguard, Bog-Pod

    I have the 3 following monopod, bipod and/or tripod shooting sticks for sale. All lightly used and in excellent condition. Only 1 item left: 3. Bog-Pod HD3 Tall Tripod with carry bag, yoke & PCA £120+postage Comes with Professional Camera Accessory head (for spotting scope or camera). Has...
Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!