fallow stalking

  1. Introduction

    Hi All Been stalking for over 30 years, I manage 6000 acres of Warwickshire’s beautiful countryside, shoot 6.5 creedmoor 7mm rem mag, 30.06. 120-150 deer a year, Munty, roe and fallow. I’ve joined out of curiosity, see what’s going on in the stalking community. Thanks
  2. Fallow and Roe Stalker

    I have been shooting for around 40 years, deer stalking for only 5. I have DSC levels 1 & 2. Mostly shoot in Devon and Cornwall for fallow and Roe. My favourite calibre is my sabatti 6.5 x 55 but I also shoot my sako 85. 243
  3. Highseat - How Often?

    Hi All, Interested to hear your opinions on this one - in your experience how often can you shoot Fallow from the same highseat before they start to get wise to it? Once a week? Once a month? Fortnightly? How often do you all use the same highseat? TIA Tom
  4. Wanted: Follow Stalking (2018's Rut)

    A pal and I are looking for some fallow stalking during next year's rut, does anyone have any recommendations for who to get in touch with?