BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. Guided fallow stalking

    Morning guys, I want to book some stalking for a fallow buck for my Dads birthday, he has been shooting all his life and never shot a fallow deer(or sika for that matter), I can’t find anywhere online so thought I’d ask on here for people recommendations. Ideally want someone who will take us...
  2. For Sale: The Karelian "Bear Hunter".

    The Karelian "Bear Hunter". Handcrafted in Russia by Expert Blade-Smith - Eduard Tichonov. Made for Professional Hunters and Big Game Specialists. Hand-carved handle made from lathed and smoothed, rich Karelian Birch. 100% Leather Sheaths - 1 x Buckle Sheath and 1 x Straight Sheath...
  3. For Sale: Imperial Red Stag Face Mask

    PLEASE SEE LINK: LUXURY STAG FACE MASK Beautiful Red Stag face-masks Handcrafted in Hertfordshire (UK) Price £12, free postage within the UK. Designed with hand-cut, top quality cotton and luxurious red fabric interior for additional comfort and protection. We have only 10 of these for...
  4. Highseat - How Often?

    Hi All, Interested to hear your opinions on this one - in your experience how often can you shoot Fallow from the same highseat before they start to get wise to it? Once a week? Once a month? Fortnightly? How often do you all use the same highseat? TIA Tom
  5. Midnight Fallow

    Hi All, We've got a permission where the Fallow deer are VERY unpredictable and difficult to catch up with. We've recently put out a series of trail cameras and they are regularly picking up the Fallow out grazing in fields at midnight... Is normal, or do we have nocturnal deer? Thanks Tom
  6. Hello from Wiltshire

    Live in Wiltshire. Mainly do driven but getting more into stalking (stalked a few over the years) ..looking for Fallow deer stalking if anyone can help ? Also local stalking would be welcome Thanks Pete.
  7. First Fallow, the one that got away, and first Red Stag (by accident!)

    Very new to stalking, with only a couple of days stalking for Roe before this. I had set a goal this year to cover three species and do some woodland/hill to see the difference and try to learn. So this weekend just gone, was down in Devon, and without much luck on the first evening, I was up at...
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