firearms licensing

  1. Flying with a rifle to Germany for driven Boar

    I'm struggling to find a clear set of advice as to what is needed to fly with a rifle and ammo to Germany in 2023. Does anyone have any recent experience of the process? I already have a temporary Jagdshein 14 day pass and invitation for the shoot. Is this with my FAC enough? The shoot is...
  2. Firearms Licensing Improvements - Your views (and why / supporting argument)

    As my previous post is meandering off if' ;) Thought it might be useful to group, what is fast becoming a descent down a deep rabbit hole, on another thread! From a previous thread on a different topic! I submitted an initial seven-page document (Overview) to my local MP (He...
  3. New UK Firearms Safety Consultation

    This went live today.
  4. Vacancy: firearms licensing decision maker, lincolnshire

    I hope this link works. This is a chance for somebody with shooting at heart to make a real difference!