first aid for stalkers

The Lucky Hunter
  1. Available: EFWW+F Courses for Oct

    I have the following courses coming up this month Dunblane 8th Oct Ayrshire 10th Oct Lockerbie 11th Oct Linlithgow 15th Oct Stanley 16th Oct Gala 18th Oct Dunoon 19th Oct Hexham 22nd Oct Due to other commitments, there will be limited courses running in Nov in Scotland but I am looking at...
  2. Available: Emergency First Aid at Work + Heomostatic & Tourniquet Training - Somerset, June 13 2019 - £85 per person.

    Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - EFAW This course will be tailored to those that work or spend time in the field or countryside. I.e, stalkers, farmers and estate workers. A fun interactive day course to include haemostatic and tourniquet training for catastrophic injuries. Please...
  3. Available: Forestry First Aid training for Stalkers Jedburgh 30th Nov Greenock 29th Nov

    hi, Folks, I run forestry first aid training courses for people working on Forestry commission or land managed by other companies like Tilhill, Scottish Woodlands, or any other person requiring the EFAW+F Qualification.the course is relevant for anyone working or shooting in the outdoors and is...
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