first aid with forestry training

New Avon Arms
  1. Available: EFWW+F Courses for Oct

    I have the following courses coming up this month Dunblane 8th Oct Ayrshire 10th Oct Lockerbie 11th Oct Linlithgow 15th Oct Stanley 16th Oct Gala 18th Oct Dunoon 19th Oct Hexham 22nd Oct Due to other commitments, there will be limited courses running in Nov in Scotland but I am looking at...
  2. Available: Forestry first aid courses EFAW+F Sept

    Hi folks i have a few courses coming up over the next few weeks if you let me know of any other locations I can have a look at some dates for you. Taynuilt 14th Aug Ayrshire 2nd Sept Aberdeenshire 3rd Sept Inverness 6th Dunblane or Blair Drummond 5th or 10th Sept Scottish Borders 9th Sept...
  3. Available: Forestry +F courses From the Midlands and North Wales to the far North of Scotland

    I am looking to run a few +F courses around the country, from the Midlands to the north its difficult to run courses further sounth than that due to location of our trainers but happy to chat to anyone who thinks they can get the numbers. We need a min of 5 to confirm running a course £85pp and...
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