1. Ruger precision 6.5 creedmoor grip and mag release help

    Hi All, I am looking to change my Ruger Precision grip to an MDT premier vertical grip or something similar, and also want to try and locate a extended mag release like one you can buy in the US from anarchy outdoors, 1st question is any vertical grip you think would be better and wlll it fit...
  2. Ranger gun drawers

    Afternoon all, well after finally getting the canopy fitted I am ready for the next stage in the Ranger saga. Looking at building some drawers for the weapons and I’ve seen a few kicking about wondering if anyone has any plans or recommendations for doing this? Thanks in advance all. Brian
  3. Howa 1500 and MTC Mamba

    Morning all, I'm probably overthinking this one and overlooking a simple solution but... I've got a Howa .243 that has a Weaver type rail on it to accommodate the old scope.. Having just taken delivery of a new Mamba it has some decent looking rings with it that I'd like to use...trouble is...
  4. Late Onset Epilepsy in Labradors

    Does anyone have any experience with epilepsy in Labs? I have a 6 year old black lab who first presented fitting last year on a walk. He has now had 3 or 4 fits since then. As usual our vet has been flippin useless and just wants to start racking up a huge bill and diagnosing a lifelong...